Friday, May 27, 2016

PHPG’s Reunion in Granada

This Monday and Tuesday two PHPGs’ teams reunited in Granada to share their experiences. Accompanying Juan Carlos and Enmanuel during their regular collections in El Pantanal and San Juan de Oriente, Matagalpa’s team could get to know a little bit about Granada’s work. Although PHPG’s program and its objective are the same in both places, clients and their projects are different and so are the difficulties both our teams daily have to face. Apart from the differences between Granada and Matagalpa, in the end some of these challenges are very similar and it’s good to know how other team handles them. So nice to have the opportunity to get together and talk. Hope we will see JC and Enmanuel in Matagalpa soon.

Juan Carlos, Petra and Enmanuel (San Juan de Oriente)

Petra, Juan Carlos and Martha (San Juan de Oriente)

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