Thursday, March 24, 2016

Our Clients in El Tule, Matagalpa

Sometimes, not so far away from a very center of Matagalpa, you wonder if you are still in town or you mysteriously appeared in a small village. Our clients Alejandra, Herlinda, Juana Josefa and Juana del Socorro from the group “El Regalo de lo Alto” live in a neighborhood full of goats, pigs and hens – all so cute!!!

Juana Josefa passing by Alejandra´s grocery store on her way to sell tortillas

Alejandra is also working… 

Little ZOO in El Tule

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Visit from University of Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic) and UNAN-Leon (Nicaragua)

Last weekend of February we had a pleasure to receive a couple of Czech students with two of their professors. Kristina and Matej are students of Latin American Studies from University of Hradec Kralove. They are currently in Nicaragua on their exchange study program at UNAN-León. They have already been here one and half month but most of their time they spend at University Residence for International Students or visiting Nicaraguan most popular tourist places with their foreign friends. That is why they wanted to see “real” Nicaragua. We took them to meet PHPG´s clients in Granada and San Juan de Oriente and showed them little bit of our work. Look how they enjoyed it!

Petra and Juan Carlos during their weekly collections with Czech/Nicaraguan visitors in Pantanal
Visiting our clients in San Juan de Oriente
Explaining pottery production process (San Juan de Oriente)
Some more paper work in San Juan de Oriente