Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ways to Give to PHPG on #GivingTuesday

Below are some ways that you can get involved this #GivingTuesday. Many groups like the Gates Foundation are generously contributing matches to organizations like PHPG, so your impact can be doubled!

Donation Matches
  • Donate to my fundraiser on Facebook & double your donation
    • Facebook is waiving fees and the Gates Foundation is matching the first $500k in donations to non-profits!
    • That means all donations are doubled!
  • Set up your own Fundraiser for PHPG on Facebook
    • Go to https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers.
    • Click "+ Create a Fundraiser," and search Nonprofits for "People Helping People Global Inc."
    • Like my Fundraiser above, all donations to your Fundraiser will be matched by the Gates Foundation. Feel free to copy my info or use any pictures from our Facebook site.
  • Check to see if your company matches your dollars or volunteer hours

Don't Have Cash to Donate Right Now? Other Ways You Can Help
  • Support PHPG through the Amazon Smile program
  • Join GoodWorld through this link
    • Get $10 free dollars to donate to PHPG: https://gdw.io/d0263e
    • It took less than 5 minutes to set up.
    • **Note: You will be asked to add credit card information, but you do not need to contribute any of your own funds for PHPG to receive this $10 donation.
You Can Always Just Donate the Normal Ways
  • Our goal is to raise $13,000 this holiday season which will fund over 100 new loans.
  • You can donate at http://phpgmicrolending.org/donate.
  • If you prefer to send a check, you can make that out to "PHPG" or "People Helping People Global" and mail it to 89 Evergreen Rd., Fairfax, VT 05404.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

June and July in Matagalpa

It looks like we didn't work a lot last two months but on the contrary we were so busy going through evaluation process with various new groups and distributing new loans in Matagalpa that it didn’t give us any time to write a nice post. Sorry about that! 

There is a small sample of clients that received new loans in Matagalpa’s area in June and July 2016:

Deybi Gonzalez

Deybi Gonzalez, 24-year-old, from Soledad de la Cruz, is currently on maternity leave with her baby girl of 10 months but in her free time she sells jewelry to help her husband, a construction worker, to support their small family. Deybi is a leader of the group “Mujeres Emprendedoras y Virtuosas” that consists of other four women (who sell cosmetics, jewelry, secondhand clothes and tortillas) from Soledad de la Cruz.

Maria de los Angeles Ocampo

Maria de los Angeles Ocampo, 47-year-old, from Matagalpa, is a shoe maker. She helps her husband  who has been making shoes for Matagalpa’s shoe stores all his life. Maria is a member of the group “Bendicion de Dios” together with other three women (one of them is a dressmaker, other has a small grocery store and the last one sells milk products).  

Teresa del Carmen Cruz

Teresa del Carmen Cruz, 32-year-old, from Matagalpa, is the leader of another new group we have in Matagalpa “Las Emprendedoras”. She has a particularly interesting project. With help of her father she planted small plot of beans. After the harvest she will sell the beans so this way she can get some extra money for her family two times per year.

Adaly Jarquin

Adaly Jarquin, 48-year-old, from Matagalpa, sells fruits close to Matagalpa’s central park. Adaly is the leader of group “Mi refugio” which unites street vendors of jewelry, lottery, fruits and vegetables and clothes. 

Erlyn Castro

Erlyn Castro, 29-year-old, from Matagalpa, repairs cellphones. He is a member of our first male-group “Elite”. As the majority of microlending organizations we have more women as clients than men. The theory says that microlending works better with women but since these men demonstrated us that they are very hard working we decided to make an exception and give them a chance to show us that they also deserve our support. 

Janiel Rivera

Janiel Rivera, 25-year-old, from Sebaco, sells refreshments. She is a member of our first group in Sebaco “En Dios Confiamos” together with other three ladies who sell clothes, raspado or street food.

Eveling Escoto

Eveling Escoto, 26-year-old, from Sebaco, is part of our second group in Sebaco called “Dios con Nosotros”. We helped her to start her own business with secondhand clothes. She has a support of other two group members who have years of experience selling clothes in Sebaco.

Altogether since the last post we have distributed loans to 7 new groups, 29 new clients!!! It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun as you can see below :)

Martha and Mareling
Interviewing new clients

Raining again...

Climbing Matagalpa's hills

Climbing again...

and again...
Finally not walking for a while...
Some paper work...
...and explaining