Thursday, January 28, 2016

Where we work

On our official website you can read that People Helping People Global determines project location based on extreme poverty rates and the project viability within each region. For this reason in 2009 Nicaragua was pinpointed as a region of extreme need due to its statistical ranking as the 2nd most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere after Haiti. The communities where our projects currently operate are located in the departments of Granada and Matagalpa. But where exactly is that? And what places do you have chance to visit when you work as a PHPG’s coordinator?

You would be surprised about the locations because even the poorest Nicaragua’s communities live close to breathtaking natural landmarks. Just like that during our regular payment collections in Granada’s district El Pantanal, you can admire one of the most famous volcanoes in Nicaragua, the Mombacho.
Enmanuel and Juan Carlos working hard in El Pantanal (Mombacho behind)

Other of our projects brings you to the area of 365 Granada Islets which were formed when Mombacho Volcano erupted thousands of years ago throwing huge rocks into Lake Nicaragua.
Meeting with the group of Las Aguilas (left), Petra and Juan Carlos on their way back to Granada from the meeting (right)

Visiting low-income artisan’s communities in San Juan del Oriente gives you an opportunity to stop by the road and enjoy the view over the Lagoon Apoyo.
View over Lagoon Apoyo (left), Ceramics made by one of our client from San Juan del Oriente

And travelling to see our Malacatoya groups is an adventure itself because you have to cross the lake by a boat - explanation is simple there is just no bridge…

Even our motorbike has to cross somehow...

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