Monday, December 14, 2015

October in Matagalpa

We finished the month of October and initial training of new PHPG´s coordinator, Petra, by new loan disbursement, enriching our list of clients in Matagalpa by a new group of kind ladies. This way PHPG helped Maria Delmis to expand her “mini pulpería”, mini grocery store, by selling mobile phone’s refills, and to invest more money in rest of businesses that our new clients have. They dedicate themselves among other to the sale of milk products, secondhand clothing or sewing. Because the objective of PHPG is not only to provide loans but also to strengthen the relations between group members so they share their work experience, we are proud that with the help of Maria Jacoba who apart from working as a teacher in a local primary school has 20-years’ experience in selling secondhand clothes, the leader of the group Mandiel could start her proper business with secondhand garments.
Maria Jacoba

Unfortunately October also was the last month for Berly who supervised PHPG´s activities in Matagalpa. Berly has done an outstanding job, not only distributing new loans but also giving various lectures improving financial literacy of our clients, initiating new partnerships with other NGOs in Matagalpa and many more. Therefore we would like to thank her for everything she has done for our clients in Matagalpa and PHPG in general and we wish her all best in future. 

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