Monday, December 14, 2015

Distribution of New Loans in El Pantanal

While during the second week of November the center of Granada was getting ready for "Hípica", a local horse parade, which attracts both tourists and Nicaraguans to come to Granada giving them an excuse to go out and drink some Nicaraguan rum and beer, in El Pantanal, which is sometimes referred to as the forgotten district of Granada, because it does not appear on maps and is never visited by tourists, we were distributing new loans to our existing clients.
Juan Carlos and Esterlina enjoying their breakfast
The day of disbursement we started with breakfast together with a group of " Unión Que Hace La Fuerza", which had repaid its second PHPG´s loan recently and since that morning has been enjoying the benefits of cooperating with PHPG for its third time. The good thing about working for PHPG is that occasionally one is obliged to inspect businesses of our clients for example like this - eating delicious “enchiladas” that one member of this group sells.

Although it was a very hot day for this time of year even for Nicaragua, we enjoyed this opportunity to meet some of our clients and a talk we had about their future plans. One of the most successful groups - "Las Triunfadoras" - which just got its fourth loan from PHPG, told us about their plan of opening a new dining spot sometime next year. Although all Las Triunfadoras´ ladies have their own businesses like shoe store, fashion design and sewing etc. that does not stop their entrepreneur´s spirit to seek new opportunities to improve their financial situation. What a motivation to see that!
Petra and "Union Que Hace La Fuerza"

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