Friday, October 9, 2009

Preliminary Appointments

Today I made two important visits.
The first was with Silvia and the second was with Marsela. I went to the two hostels where they work, Hostel San Añgel and Hostel San Jorge.
I discussed our ideas surrounding Project Ceña con las Madres with Silvia. I was happy to find out that she thinks our ideas would help the women of her community. She offered to ask a few of her neighbors if they would like to sit down with me and discuss ways in which we can work together to make this program successful. I asked her if I could accompany her to her neighborhood one day next week after she was done work so I could personally meet some of the women in her area. She said it would be her pleasure!
My second visit was to Marsela at Hostel San Jorge. She came out to greet me with a beaming smile from ear to ear. She showed me the vegetable stand where her mom sells their families produce each day. Marsela works at the Hostel from sunrise until sunset then she walks through the market to her mothers vegetable stand where she spends an hour or so chopping up the extra vegetable for pickled salads and stews. I told her I would like to help her chop vegetables one day with her and her mother and asked her if she would first check with her mother to see if this would be okay. If her mother agrees, I hope to explain our potential program Ceña con las Madres to them and see if Marsela's mother would be interested in participating. If she is not, I hope that the two of them may be able to direct me to a family that could participate and benefit from this program. If nothing else I hope to learn the secret to the amazing pickled vegetables down here!

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