Friday, October 9, 2009

The People We Meet: Silvia

Silvia- My first native Nicaraguan friend. I met Silvia at my first hostel, San Angel, a family-run mid-range accommodation right in town. She cooks delicious meals for the hostel's guests and keeps the place spotless. She has 4 children: three teenage boys and a 7-year old daughter, Jael, who comes to work with Silvia whenever she is not in school. Silvia works really hard so she can afford to raise her children. While she is not married, she has lived with the father of all her children for her entire adult life. This situation is not common in Nicaraguan culture, but she is happy and believes that the formality of marriage is not what is important in a relationship. She doesn't have abundant amounts of money but she does not live in poverty. When I asked her about her day she told me that she works at the hostel from sunrise to sunset, then returns home to cook for her family and care for her children before they all go to bed (her three teenage boys share a small room!!!)
Silvia is one of the women who I hope to incorporate into our program Ceña con las madres. She could help us connect to her community, which lies on the outskirts of Granada. I hope to meet with her this week and ask her if she would be willing to show me her home and introduce me to her friends from the barrio.

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