Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ways to Give to PHPG on #GivingTuesday

Below are some ways that you can get involved this #GivingTuesday. Many groups like the Gates Foundation are generously contributing matches to organizations like PHPG, so your impact can be doubled!

Donation Matches
  • Donate to my fundraiser on Facebook & double your donation
    • Facebook is waiving fees and the Gates Foundation is matching the first $500k in donations to non-profits!
    • That means all donations are doubled!
  • Set up your own Fundraiser for PHPG on Facebook
    • Go to https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers.
    • Click "+ Create a Fundraiser," and search Nonprofits for "People Helping People Global Inc."
    • Like my Fundraiser above, all donations to your Fundraiser will be matched by the Gates Foundation. Feel free to copy my info or use any pictures from our Facebook site.
  • Check to see if your company matches your dollars or volunteer hours

Don't Have Cash to Donate Right Now? Other Ways You Can Help
  • Support PHPG through the Amazon Smile program
  • Join GoodWorld through this link
    • Get $10 free dollars to donate to PHPG: https://gdw.io/d0263e
    • It took less than 5 minutes to set up.
    • **Note: You will be asked to add credit card information, but you do not need to contribute any of your own funds for PHPG to receive this $10 donation.
You Can Always Just Donate the Normal Ways
  • Our goal is to raise $13,000 this holiday season which will fund over 100 new loans.
  • You can donate at http://phpgmicrolending.org/donate.
  • If you prefer to send a check, you can make that out to "PHPG" or "People Helping People Global" and mail it to 89 Evergreen Rd., Fairfax, VT 05404.

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