Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Borrower Profile Series, Gloria

Guest Post from PHPG Volunteer: Paige Cohn

Gloria, is the matriarch of her medley family.  For most of her life she’s been a single mom of 3 of her own children and the 3 more she adopted, left to support them on her own.  In order to feed her family, she ventured into the world of self-employment.  She been a cook, a seamstress, a farmer, but her most important role is being a Mother.  After her own children were grown and married, she found 3 little girls on her doorstep, abandoned by their parents.  Gloria took these three girls in, adopted them as her own, and is currently working to send them to school.     

Gloria has always been a self-starter.  Having to be self-reliant for most of her life, she feels lucky with the success that she has had in her life.  Whatever she makes, she sells. Her compassion and hard work ethic is something she has instilled in her children, as she encourages them to continue to study, hoping she can buy them the materials they need to complete their education.  After we finished with the interview, Gloria sent us home with a bag full of mangoes and bananas out of her backyard.

Gloria hopes that eventually she’ll be able to save for her retirement, so that she can support herself when she can’t work, forever being the autonomous, self-sufficient matriarch she has always been.  

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