Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Visit to San Juan De Oriente

Two students from Roanoke college joined PHPG for social visits to our clients in San Juan De Oriente. Our clients, all artisans,  were proud teach us about their craft.

JC looks into a client's new oven. The oven was built with the help of a loan from PHPG. The oven isn't completed yet, it needs to be sealed. The final steps in the process will occur after the rainy season passes.

Brenda show's us how to turn. It's a special skill that takes 2 years to master. Only some of the artisans in San Juan De Oriente can turn.

She was just about to fire some pottery when we stopped by. She explains how the pottery will be fired for 8 hours and the oven must be carefully sealed during the process.

A closer look.

In his workshop, Darwin shows us  how designs are etched into the pottery.

A special thanks to Emma Webb for the photos!

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