Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Susuma, Matagalpa

This post is written by Trent Shelton, PHPG's Program Coordinator in the Granada region.

Located just two kilometers southwest of Matagalpa is a humble community called Susuma. Getting to Susuma requires a one-hour hike from the center of Matagalpa which takes you past the cemetery and into the countryside. Last Sunday, Susuma became PHPG’s newest community, as one group of six clients was selected as loan recipients. Prior to the loan distribution, the PHPG team conducted interviews on 20 perspective borrowers and also held various meetings about the loan processes and rules.

Pastor Ana introduces PHPG
In the final meeting before loan selections, one loan group made an especially good impression on the PHPG team. All groups are required to fill out an official document to form the group, including a team name, who will be the group leader, etc. This group, called Dios Es Amor (God is Love), was very organized and democratic. A young woman, named Maria de Los Angeles, immediately took the initiative and made sure everything was completed fairly with a vote. From voting on the team name to making sure everyone knew each other’s addresses, she led the team perfectly. She was unanomously selected by her group peers to be the group leader.

All of the Dios Es Amor (God is Love) group members presented their businesses
This group’s organization and positive energy made Dios Es Amor an easy selection for Susuma's first loan group. We look forward to expanding our loan portfolio in Susuma in the future!


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